Monday, 28 July 2014

Jeffrey's Bay: A Thousand Words Photo Collection

It is said that a picture can say a thousand words. We found a collection of spectacular photos that will speak volumes and... well, make you wish you were here!



Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Make A Green Choice with On The Beach Guesthouse

To reduce our carbon footprint, On the Beach Guesthouse uses environmentally friendly amenities and cleaning agents.  Solar geysers and heat pumps are used to provide guests with hot water. Rain tanks located under the verandas irrigates our beautiful indigenous garden with fresh water. Using fresh seasonal fruits and ingredients make your breakfast healthy, scrumptious and absolutely delicious.

Conserving water, energy and other resources is rewarding for you and great for the environment.  Based on the average guest room size and materials usage, making a Green Choice with On The Beach Guesthouse, one night can mean significant savings:

  • Save Water – up to 49.2 Gallons, equal to 787 cups, enough for 1 person to drink 2 cups per day for a year.
  • Save Electricity – up to 0.19 KWH, enough to run an Energy Star-rated laptop for 10 hours.
  • Save Natural Gas – up to 25,000 btu, enough energy to heat a 400m² room at 70°F for 4 hours - when it's 10°F outside.
  • Save Chemicals – up to 7 oz, fewer chemicals equals less toxicity in the environment.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Jeffreys Bay Walk Through

Once a sleepy fishing town, Jeffrey’s Bay has grown into a thriving hotspot for travellers from all walks of life, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. Supertubes rank 2nd on the 2013 “Top Surfing Spots” list, but even if you don’t surf, you will love Jeffrey’s Bay’s pristine beaches. With the surrounding forest and estuaries, Jeffrey’s Bay offers you the whole “beach to bush” experience. Regardless if you plan to visit in season or out of season, whether you’re on a family vacation, an adrenaline junkie or nature lover seeking solitude, Jeffrey’s Bay can easily be your paradise.

Simply Drive
Located on one of the most scenic nature routes, you can enjoy a leisurely drive along the scenic coast; explore along the winding route through the Tsitsikamma forest towards Stormsrivier; or set out on self-drive or guided game drives.

Get The Adrenaline Pumping
Depending on the season and weather, extreme sports and aquamarine activities are available, providing abundant challenging activities for those adrenaline junkies. Experience some pumping action in the forms of bungy jumping (Bloukrans), kayaking, kiteboarding, kloofing, paintball, sandboarding, scuba & wreck diving, shark cage diving (P.E), skydiving, stand up paddling wind surfing and more. Training is available for beginners in diving, kiteboarding, sandboarding, stand up paddling, surfing and wind surfing.

Family Friendly Fun
Due to the diversity of attractions and activities, Jeffrey’s Bay is the ideal holiday destination for families and groups travelling together. Mild activities can be enjoyed by young and old, from visiting the predator park, exploring the nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, to enjoying wildlife safaris, sea cruises and horse riding on the beach. Kids can be entertained for hours with a play farm, jungle gyms, jumping castles, water slide, putt-putt and quad rides.

But What About My ‘Unique Physique’?
Even if you have physical limitations or a disability, do not despair. Jeffrey’s Bay offers plenty suitable activities to enrich your holiday. Visit the Surf and Shell Museums, explore the nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and predator park. Enjoy whale watching from the watching shelter or just spend a leisurely day on the beach with your toes planted in the sand.

A Wealth Of Natural Beauty
Jeffrey’s Bay boasts with some of the most spectacular nature surroundings made up of a backdrop of mountains, nature reserves, game reserves and estuary. The lagoons host a great number of sea birds and waders, offering ideal opportunities for walk-abouts, bird watching, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and wildlife viewing.

For The Spectators
Every year popular annual events bring thousands of participants and spectators flocking to town. The JBay Winter Fest replaced the Annual Billabong Pro Surfing Competition since 2013. Visitors from all over are introduced to a different side of the magnificent marine life, cultural music, dancing, food and competitions with the annual Jeffrey's Bay Shell Festival.

Shop ‘Till You Drop
Jeffrey’s Bay offers from the largest national retailers to factory shops with the largest selections of surf gear and clothing. Explore all types of surf-, art- and craft shops, stores and retailers, from the Fountains Mall, JBay Surfing Village to unique shops on Da Gama Road.

For The Culinary Senses
Take a leisurely stroll down the beachfront to explore the enticing culinary scene, from a secluded romantic dinner to a cosy family meal. Jeffrey's Bay offers an intoxicating combination of enchanting restaurants, coffee shops and hangouts; you will see people relaxing in the shade sipping on speciality coffees or milkshakes and enjoying good food.

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Shells and Beaches of Jeffreys Bay

Jeffreys Bay is renowned for its beautiful East Cape beaches. The white sand is pristine and inviting and there are rock pools to explore in which you will discover plants and shellfish. The beaches draw visitors because of the warm waters and surf-worthy waves and tourists find themselves returning to this bewitching bay year after year to soak up the sun and enjoy the many water-based activities on offer. The shells of Jeffreys Bay are also a major attraction.

Shells come ashore with the tides and beachcombers are drawn to the area to search for rare specimens. On the East Cape coast the warm and cold waters of Benguela and Aghulhas meet and the shells found here are often collectible, as they are from vastly different ranges.

Jeffreys Bay Shell Festival was previously a major attraction in the bay, lasting for 4 days over a long weekend each summer. Locals and visitors browsed the many stalls to discover the wealth of shells that had been collected, with more than 600 varieties from the local beaches. The festival became a hub of activity, with families travelling across the country to congregate here, as well as visitors from around the globe, including cruise passengers who were enjoying a stopover in the bay.

Shells of all shapes and sizes can be found in the bay; with tiny specimens the size of pinheads to large hand sized shells. The colours evoke the beauty of Africa, with dazzling orange hues, shiny pearl shades, earthy charcoals and striking rainbows and the beaches are alive with vibrant colour.

The Shell Museum
The shell museum in the town features stunning varieties of shells from around the world and this is one of the biggest collections in South Africa. Visitors can marvel over the cowry, the cone, baby jam tart shells and paper nautilus of a rare variety. There are also marine life skeletons to see in the museum.
Outside the museum, tourists can buy shells from the shops and stalls nearby.

The collection was started in 1945 by Charlotte Kritzinger, a local shell collector who continued this hobby until her death in 1965. The local municipality purchased the collection, which was preserved as a famous tourist collection for all to enjoy. Over time, the collection has expanded from gifts donated by individuals. When the museum has enough funds, it makes special purchases of rare seashells.

Quality Beaches for Shell Collectors
The beaches along the Eastern Cape of South Africa offer quiet coastlines and tranquil relaxation, as well as the vibe of culture near the larger Cities.

Jeffreys Bay beaches are renowned for attracting shell collectors, surfers, divers and sun worshippers. The beaches here play a major part in the town’s local economy and its culture, with thousands of tourists being drawn to the area each year.

Dolphin Beach is a Blue Flag beach and attracts visitors from around the world who enjoy the many water sports on offer. Being a Blue Flag beach means implementing water quality standards as well as education about the environment and this is a great achievement for the bay, promoting responsibility among visitors and locals.

Paradise Beach is situated between Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay. It remains unspoilt by urban development and surrounding it are stunning nature reserves with wildlife enjoying their natural habitats. Visitors can spot tortoises, rabbits, otters and birds here and the beach attracts kite boarders and wind surfers, as well as sun worshippers who want to experience their own slice of paradise.

Visitors to Jeffreys Bay
Tourists from across the globe come to Jeffreys Bay each year to experience the culture and relaxation of this idyllic destination, from its surfing attractions to its wonderful beaches, shopping and many festivals. There are outstanding quality hotels and apartments in the area to choose from, and Jeffreys Bay is also popular among travellers who want to stop off here on their cruise holiday on the African waters. Fly cruise holidays offer guests the opportunity to meet their ship at Cape Town and this can be incorporated with a stop off wherever is convenient. What better way to enjoy the shell strewn beaches of Jeffreys Bay than hopping ashore here to absorb yourself in the culture of this wonderful African destination? Pick up mementos from the local shell stalls before having lunch at one of the beachfront restaurants in the bay, then explore the Blue Flag Dolphin Beach at your leisure and the coastline beyond, where rare shells are scattered upon the pure white sand.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Room 2 - Standard Room Upgraded

We have recently upgraded one of our Standard Rooms to add a partial ocean view, balcony and to create more space in the bedroom.  After almost a month of renovating, the Pearl Room is once again a competing room in the guesthouse.

Clover conference

A very successful conference for Clover was held at On the Beach Guesthouse recently.  Our new conference room was with the most amazing views.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Going Green

In our effort of going Green and being more environmentally friendly On the Beach Guesthouse have recently started using a new linen product called WunderSheet in 2 of our Suites.

Over the next couple of weeks we will pay close attention to our guests responses on our Environmentally Friendly linen,  should this be a success we look forward to no more ironing.  We will keep you posted on the quality of this product and our experience.